EX Factor with Andrew Ostcliffe

Episode 8: Ex Factor

Andrew Ostcliffe of Oxfam in the UK navigates e-commerce waters that many other hardened online retailers would avoid. Three revenue streams, products distributed over more than 600 locations, 250,000-plus SKUs, and a diverse inventory that changes by the minute. Welcome to the world of decentralised charity retail—both online and in store. Join Andrew as he leads Ger and Gordon through this daunting, yet highly effective, e-commerce maze. A maze that's built on employee experience (EX)—in more ways than one.


About Andrew Ostcliffe

From the world of IT to a thriving career in retail, Andy has been one of the main drivers in leading the British Heart Foundation’s online business to become the largest online charity reseller in the world. Now the Head of eCommerce and Retail Innovation at Oxfam, he leverages his expertise to transform the brand into the leading go-to online retailer within the sector.

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