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McKenna Man, a successful menswear business founded in 1940, has remained a staple in the industry to this day. Run by Conor McKenna, the founder's grandson, the business prides itself on offering quality, choice, and service to its customers, catering to both casual and formal occasions.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, McKenna Man made the strategic decision to transition to online sales, prompting the need for a holistic marketing strategy that would effectively drive quality traffic to their website while keeping their audience engaged.

To accomplish this, McKenna Man partnered with StudioForty9 to implement a range of marketing services across multiple channels. 



Email Marketing: 

Firstly, the team created an email marketing plan that included a welcome series, abandoned cart reminders, price drop notifications, weekly campaigns, and a loyalty program. These automations proved highly successful, generating the majority of overall email income. 



In addition to email marketing, StudioForty9 assisted McKenna Man in setting up and running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google. The team implemented dynamic search ads, performance max campaigns, brand search, and generic/non-brand search resulting in over 50% of all website traffic being generated through paid search.


Social Media Marketing:

Lastly, the team implemented a paid social media strategy, which targeted potential customers and encouraged conversions. The strategy included full funnel conversion, lead generation, and store traffic campaigns, resulting in a 12.42 ROAS account-wide and a 21.62 ROAS on conversion-focused campaigns, with a cost per click rate of €0.13 account-wide and a cost per lead of €0.89.


As a result of these efforts, McKenna Man successfully transitioned to the online retail space, generating significant revenue and increasing brand recognition. With the support of StudioForty9, they were able to implement a holistic marketing strategy that effectively drove quality traffic to their website and continues to thrive in the online marketplace due to our continued work alongside the company.

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