Mango online at Shaws - Case Study


Shopify, Klaviyo, Google Ads, Meta Ads


Ecommerce Strategy, Account Management, Client Growth, PPC, Paid Socials, Email Marketing.



Shaw’s regularly launch new brands to their retail store both online and in-store. This time they partnered with StudioForty9 to help connect consumers to all of the paid touchpoints of the Mango online brand launch.

About Shaws Department Stores

Shaw’s is one of Ireland’s leading department stores. Established over 150 years ago, Shaw’s are an Irish family-owned business to this day, with 15 stores nationwide. Customers have a full omnichannel experience across a wide range of categories for home delivery, click and collect and in-store shopping. 


The key goal for this multi-channel campaign was to: 

  1. Launch the arrival of Mango to Shaws with high impact 
  2. Position Shaws as the go-to key retailer of Mango products 
  3. Achieve high sell-through of Mango brand

As an extension it was also a goal to increase the performance and sales within womenswear as a result of the specific brand-focused campaign.


Joined Up Thinking In Action 

Here at StudioForty, we centre all of our strategies around ‘joined up thinking’. We were not only responsible for managing the launch of their mango campaign, but we also developed their Shopify Plus store and serve as their key account manager for all of their ecommerce growth initiatives alongside the Shaw's team. This enables us to operate a symbiotic relationship between ecommerce and performance marketing.

The marketing team could inform the ecommerce team of insights and recommendations throughout the entire campaign and vice versa. This unique position allowed us to make optimisations on a regular basis to incrementally improve the performance in real time. 

Channel Strategy

Google Ads

We strategically leveraged Google Ads to promote the launch of Mango, through targeted Search and Shopping campaigns to successfully boost market share and engage existing customers.


Klaviyo Campaigns

We delivered campaigns during the project to a segmented womenswear audience. The emails began with brand launch excitement and followed with product/collection focused emails to deliver sales. 

Meta Ads

We built conversion campaigns reaching consumers across the entire funnel, with regularly updated new products, delivered through creative updates to keep the campaign feeling fresh. 


These results contributed to overall yearly growth in the Shaws online store.

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