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Greenes Shoes aspired to revolutionise their approach to unify their in-store and online presence. With the dual objectives of driving growth and establishing a flawless omnichannel experience for their clientele, they collaborated with our team in StudioForty9 to implement a cutting-edge storytelling strategy across all customer touchpoints. This collaboration led to a highly successful execution of their strategic vision.

About Greenes

Founded in 1939, Greenes Shoes is a proudly Irish-owned and operated company headquartered in Donegal, with a presence spanning seven stores across Ireland. This renowned shoe retailer showcases an impressive array of top-tier brands, including Kate Appleby, Una Healy, New Balance, Dr. Martens, and many others.

At the core of Greenes Shoes' philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and ensuring a delightful shopping experience, both in their physical stores and online.


Greenes Shoes wanted to step up what they could achieve working together. They had a niggling sense of disjointedness between their in store and online and between what their different teams were focusing on in the business. They saw that larger international brands were using joined up approaches to their campaigns and wanted to take the initiative as a medium sized Irish owned business to match up to these types of quality experiences for their customers.

Greenes also sought to explore fresh strategies for significant seasonal and product launches. Their goal was to move beyond relying on individual products to draw in customers, aiming to establish a deeper connection with entire product lines or categories.


StudioForty9 devoted substantial time collaborating with Greenes Shoes to devise the optimal strategy for crafting a captivating storytelling experience for their online and physical stores. This partnership extended across various facets of Greenes Shoes' digital presence, encompassing their e-commerce store, paid social media endeavours, Google search initiatives, email campaigns, organic social media activities, and print marketing initiatives. This comprehensive approach allowed for a holistic and synchronised execution of the project across diverse channels.

Our dedicated ecommerce growth executive collaborated closely with the Greenes team, as well as our in-house marketing channel experts and project delivery team, to meticulously plan, execute, and monitor this exciting new campaign. The first storytelling campaign, titled "Shimmer this Summer," featured a curated collection of approximately 200 products falling under the "Metallics" footwear category, serving as the focal point of the online campaign. This initiative included design and marketing work spearheaded by StudioForty9, which was seamlessly integrated across all channels, spanning social media, email marketing, print materials, and organic digital channels.

The following expertise and services were utilised for this project:

  • Pay Per Click Ads
  • Paid Social Campaigns
  • Organic Social Strategy and Content
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • E-commerce Growth Consultancy
  • Merchandising Training and Implementation
  • Instore POS design
  • Instore sales representative incentivisation
  • UX Design for ecommerce store


The storytelling strategy delivered exceptional results for Greenes Shoes. During the specified period, overall revenue experienced a remarkable 19% increase compared to the preceding year, and orders surged by 12%. Notably, the 'Metallics' product category, the central focus of the campaign, contributed significantly, accounting for more than 60% of the total revenue during that period.

Given that this endeavour marked a bold and innovative trial for the business, the resounding success has instilled a newfound sense of confidence within the Greenes team. They are now poised to embrace storytelling as a pivotal component of their marketing and ecommerce strategies, partnering seamlessly with StudioForty9 to continue this momentum.


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