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Email Marketing, PPC, Paid Social


Evergreen sought to grow their store’s potential online by leveraging new and existing channels: Email, Pay-Per-Click and Paid Social. Partnering with performance marketing specialists at StudioForty9 enabled Evergreen to look at their online presence in a holistic way.

About Evergreen

Evergreen Healthfoods is a family run health store that has built a reputation for having the best selection of vitamins, supplements and specialist wellness products across skincare, food and home. In 30 years, Evergreen has grown to include 8 physical stores in Galway and a large online store. With over 6,000 products available online and in store, customers trust Evergreen to provide the best selection of products and advice on choosing the right product.

Evergreen email marketing using Klaviyo

Email Marketing

Evergreen and StudioForty9 worked together to develop an email marketing strategy to attract customers to their online store and encourage them to convert.

The strategy included:

  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Back in Stock

These automations along with promotional & educational campaigns generated outstanding results with 22% of their total online revenue coming from this channel in 2022.


We helped Evergreen utilise pay-per-click to drive website traffic, generate revenue and increase brand awareness.

The strategy included:

  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Performance Max Campaign
  • Brand Search
  • Generic Search / non-Brand Search

PPC has proved to be an effective channel for Evergreen with ads achieving significantly higher than industry average conversion rates.

Paid Social

We leveraged Evergreen’s paid social channel to increase purchase volume and value.

The strategy included:

  • Full Funnel Conversion
  • Editorial Traffic Campaign
  • Lead Generation
  • Store Traffic
  • Event Response Campaign

These campaigns used First Party Data to ramp up Evergreen’s paid social strategy resulting in 150% increase in channel revenue from a 67% increase in ad spend.


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