Orchestra is iPaaS at the centre of your ecommerce tech stack that brings it all together. Connecting your operations systems, automating processes, automating your data flow.

Keeping our customer's systems in tune

Tooting our own horn

Find out why Orchestra is taking centre stage in retail management systems

  • Developed for retail by retail developers

    Orchestra was created by developers from StudioForty9 who specialised in web development for retail ecommerce. The software was developed out of a need that kept coming up again and again for online retailers to have the ability to integrate their systems. Over time this software became integral to all development projects and Orchestra emerged as a standalone solution to real challenges in the retail industry.

  • Data-Driven Decisons

    When you want to achieve something that is important to your brand and customers but your technical systems simply don’t allow for it, Orchestra can be creatively utilised to make the impossible possible. Just like all instruments come together to create a harmonious sound, Orchestra consolidates your data from systems throughout your business to  from ERP to loyalty, equipping you with the power of data to drive your brand strategy. 

  • Open Integration and Limitless Choice

    There are few products available in the industry that can do what Orchestra does and those that do often leave you locked into particular systems that they work with. Orchestra can be used across so many different systems and vendors that will allow you more flexibility in your options so that you can create a system that suits your business needs

  • Secure, Fast and Always Improving

    Orchestra is continually reviewed and tweaked to ensure it stays ahead of the curve in a fast changing world of technology. The key areas that are measured and updated include performance, security, reliability, transparency, and scope and innovation.

All the bells and whistles

  • Integration

    An orchestra is made up of the sum of the different sections playing in harmony together. Similarly your ecommerce store is made up of lots of different components that need to work together harmoniously for your store to operate smoothly. Some of the common systems that you will need for your store include your ecommerce platform, EPOS (electronic point of sale), ERP (enterprise resource planning), courier partners, fulfilment management, payment processors and more.Orchestra is the core component that brings these sections together to create a fluid and harmonious system for your business

    Orchestra offers the ability to add custom tools for special use cases such as complex promotional rule building, and bundle building. From customer reports to bulk image uploads for merchandising, our developers are on hand to discuss various customisations that can streamline business operations.

    It automates the flow of data from the point of collection to the point of use. Orchestra can speed up processes such as sifting through picklists, generating barcodes and automate courier label printing. It enriches the data during processing to make it more useful to the end user.

A Symphony of Integrations

Orchestra integrates with these trusted
vendors/suppliers and platforms:

CASE STUDY: Shaws | System Integration with Multiple Dropshipper

  • Problem

    Shaws work directly with some suppliers to fulfil orders. This allows them to sell stock that they do not need to hold directly themselves. These suppliers - known as dropshippers - will process orders and send them directly to customers. But how do these suppliers know when these orders are being placed on the Shaws website?


    By using Orchestra, these businesses can come together to ensure orders are processed quickly and efficiently. Once an order is placed, Orchestra automatically communicates this to all businesses involved. Orchestra’s flexibility allows it to integrate with various order fulfilment processes of the individual businesses, making it even easier for businesses to work together and ensuring no order goes unfulfilled due to manual processes or human error.

CASE STUDY: Tony Kealys | Data Driven Campaigns

  • Problem

    It’s very easy to send automated emails from online orders, but with many ecommerce sites having an omni-channel presence, it can be more difficult to build long-term relationships with customers who have purchased in store.


    Tony Kealys uses Orchestra to unlock the power of customer data. This platform connects all their systems, consolidating information like purchase history from both in store and online. With this complete picture, they can track the entire customer journey, including in-store purchases. This helps to inform their marketing efforts and allows them to send targeted email campaigns to customers, like those who have recently bought baby products. These personalised emails showcase relevant items for their child's growth stage, fostering customer engagement across both online and in-store channels.

CASE STUDY: Co-Op Superstores | Automated Merchandising

  • Problem:

    Stores like Co-Op Superstores have a large catalogue of products and merchandising online for each individual product was time-consuming and in some cases a manual process directly to their Shopify store.


    By integrating Orchestra into their retail management system, the ecommerce team was able to reduce this time-consuming task using the bulk upload feature. Instead of having to upload individual images, they were able to simply upload groups of images to autopopulate to their matching SKU’s. The team can also run reports to easily check if there are any missing images across the website.