Functional & Fabulous S1 E4: Richard Chapple, Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder of The Growth Foundation - Where to Play and How to Win

Growth expert Richard Chapple (The Growth Foundation) sets sail with Ger Keohane (StudioForty9) and Gordon Newman (Omnichannels Stories) to talk about growing your retail business, scaling up and brilliant basics. Along the way, the episode is boarded by pirates and parrots. But karate keeps them at bay. Richard's notes and the strategy information he spoke about can be accessed here: Where to Play and How to Win


About Richard Chapple

Richard has 20 years’ experience in DTC eCommerce. He’s an expert at unlocking huge, profitable and sustainable growth for start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses. As Head of Marketing at, Founder & CEO at THG Ingenuity and CMO at Gymshark, he helped grow all three into unicorn companies.

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