Functional & Fabulous S2 E3 Paul Sherratt, Founder and CEO of Gloveglu - Gripping Stories

Gordon and Ger are joined by Paul Sherratt, CEO and Founder of gloveglu, to talk about making goalkeeping gloves grippy and sticky. Is it cheating? (No, it isn't.) Is it innovative? (Yes, it absolutely is.)

You'll learn how Paul came up with the idea, what went into developing gloveglu, and how he used the power of a teenage TikTok producer to tap into a global market for a product that didn't exist before.

Paul also talks candidly about balancing a multitude of sales channels, including marketplaces (Amazon alert!) and retailers.

A gloveglu product is sold every two-and-a-half minutes somewhere in the world. Listen to hear the whole gripping tale.


About Paul Sherratt

Paul Sherrat has over 25 years of experience in ecommerce, specialising in the sports sector, starting out with Currently, he is the founder and CEO of gloveglu, an overnight success. He started gloveglu "almost as a side hustle" driven by a passion for improving goalkeepers' grip. Gloveglu, the world's first goalkeeper glove grip spray, now sells its products in over 54 countries.

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