Functional & Fabulous S1 E3: Matthew Brown, Retail Futurist with Echochamber - CX Sells

Retail futurist Matthew Brown (Echochamber) guides Ger Keohane (StudioForty9) and Gordon Newman (Omnichannels Stories) through excellence in retail customer experience. Along the way, we unbox an absolutely lush gift package from Faerly, an Irish online retailer that specialises in local and sustainable products that deliver the right amount of happy moments. But Matthew, Gordon and Ger aren't alone! Audio gremlins manage to slither in and feast on the audio in places. Does it stop the intrepid trio? It does not.


About Matthew Brown

Based in London, Matthew is the founder of Echochamber. Echochamber began back in 1998 as a research library within a retail design agency, but Matthew transformed it into an independent trend intelligence consultancy with a global client list.

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