WEBINAR: 5 strategies for maximising your marketing budget

Thursday 27th July at 10:00AM via Zoom

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Growing your marketing channels in ecommerce is vital to sustaining your business. While you may have built a significant stream of revenue from your marketing channels, maintaining that growth while navigating the maze of metrics to make decisions and figuring out how to get bang for every buck are regular challenges faced by marketing teams.

Join StudioForty9 where we will be sharing tried and tested strategies and techniques on boosting profitability including which metrics you really need to watch, discounting strategies that work and ways to retain existing customers.

About Bradley Kearns

Bradley has his finger on the pulse when it comes to digging deep into your customer data to uncover profitable opportunities and clever optimisations. Specialising in Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram, Brad helps clients to navigate the constantly evolving and highly competitive ecommerce landscape with techniques and strategies that have led to exceptional results for our clients.

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