Shopify's Winter Edition: What We're Excited to Work On!

Get ready to supercharge your ecommerce store with Shopify's Winter Edition! Packed with over 100 new features and updates, this release is bursting with potential. We, at StudioForty9, are buzzing with excitement to start implementing these new features with our clients and help them scale their business.


  • Say goodbye to limitations! You can now showcase up to 2,000 product variations, giving you the flexibility to offer diverse collections and cater to niche preferences. Plus, the new Shopify Combined Listing app (Shopify Plus) helps manage complex product offerings with ease - allowing products that come in multiple colours or styles to all be merchandised from a single parent listing.

  • Enhanced B2B functionality (Shopify Plus). The ‘Trade’ theme streamlines B2B transactions, while support for digital products expands your offerings. Grant custom discounts and tailor experiences for specific businesses, taking your B2B game to the next level.
  • Craft a checkout experience that's uniquely yours with Checkout Extensibility. This (Shopify Plus) feature unlocks 14 new APIs and UI components, allowing you to customise everything from payment options to order confirmation messages. Boost conversions and create a seamless buying journey for your customers.
  • Delight your loyal customers and secure predictable income with Shopify Subscriptions. Offer flexible subscription options, manage recurring payments effortlessly, and unlock valuable customer insights to refine your strategies.
  • On the analytics front, Web Pixels for DOM Events unlock granular user interaction tracking, enriching your GA4 data.
  • Cultivate strong customer relationships with personalised account experiences. Shopify introduces clienteling features and login incentives, encouraging repeat purchases and fostering loyalty.
  • Offer your customers the flexibility they desire with Store Credit & Exchange. Streamline refund and exchange processes, turning them into opportunities for additional purchases and customer satisfaction.
  • Reach the right customers at the right time with enhanced marketing tools. Build smarter audiences based on behaviour and preferences, leverage retargeting to re-engage interested shoppers, and run targeted Shop campaigns to drive sales efficiently.


  • Empower your customers to find what they're looking for effortlessly with enhanced search functionalities. Semantic search understands intent and delivers relevant results, while improvements to the Search & Discovery app provide more control over product visibility.
  • The latest release of features mark a moment of maturity for the platform, empowering businesses with even greater control and customisation. Discounts via Shopify Functions are now production-ready, offering unparalleled flexibility for crafting promotions. Admin UI Extensions unleash the ability to tailor the admin experience to your specific needs, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Offer more attractive deals and cater to diverse customer needs with expanded discounting options. Include shipping discounts in promotional offers and leverage flexible discount rules to personalise your sales strategies.

Whether you're looking to explore B2B, personalise the customer journey, or boost marketing effectiveness, read all about the 100 new features Shopify have released. Take control of your ecommerce journey and start thriving today - work with StudioForty9 to expand your store's potential.

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