Serendipity Favours the Prepared with Michael Corcoran

Episode 7: Serendipity Favours the Prepared

This time out, Gordon and Ger check-in to fly social with Ryanair (no checked luggage and the crisps are extra). Their pilot is Michael Corcoran, until recently Ryanair's Head of Social and Creative Content. Michael talks about the importance of reach over followers, why community matters, what social media really is (and isn't), and outlines a non-scientific (but completely scientific) way of effective content creation. Beware: this episode may even make you like Ryanair—the airline we all love to despise, but fly with anyway.


About Michael Corcoran

Michael Corcoran is the former Head of Social and Creative Content at Ryanair, is a seasoned expert in digital marketing specialist. Michael played a pivotal role in shaping Ryanair's social media presence and disruptive marketing strategies.

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