WEBINAR: Get BFCM ready & deliver lasting results


Competing for your customers' attention on Black Friday is a challenge and waiting until November or even October to start your strategy for peak shopping season will leave you falling behind. That’s why you need to start preparing NOW.

In this session, our experts will be divulging key advice on how your business can maximise the most important retail season of the year. They’ll be sharing the quick wins you should be doing to engage and convert your customers as well as how you can foster long term gains from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some of the topics being covered will include:

  • Preparing your ecommerce store
  • Priming customers in advance of Black Friday
  • Optimising your key marketing channels: Email, PPC, and Social
  • Retention strategies post BFCM




About Annik Dennehy

Annik has a passion and an acumen for email marketing to be reckoned with. Working with our top retail clients using the most advanced email marketing tools and reporting, Annik advises on email marketing strategies and techniques, analyses customer data to identify opportunities and manages the implementation of email marketing campaigns. Annik is also the team lead for performance marketing at StudioForty9 where she works closely on other key marketing channels such as PPC and social media.

Female speaker


About Ilana Doubell

Ilana works with top Irish retailers to build their success online. Acutely aware of the fast moving nature of retail, the demands of ecommerce and what it takes to beat the competition, Ilana expertly guides our clients through all kinds of both technological and market challenges to consistently deliver the best results for their business and industry leading experiences for their customers.

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Catch up on important advice from our experts on preparing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2023.