Shopify Unite Insights: What's coming next for your Shopify store?

Shopify Unite is a yearly event where developers get together in London for two days of learning about the latest trends and technologies in ecommerce. StudioForty9 attended with the goal of learning from other developers and bringing home insights that will be useful for our team and clients.

Shopify is constantly working towards making the experience better for the customer and the merchant. With Shopify Plus, it’s possible to create an entire ecommerce business with all the tools you need in one place. However, the world of commerce is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep on top of it all. Shopify Unite offers the chance to see what updates and trends are going to dominate the future.

Get the heads up below from our team on some key updates learned from the event that will be important over the coming year.

Content Platform

Content Platform on Shopify is the next step in making Shopify an all-in-one solution for ecommerce. It will significantly improve Shopify’s ability to handle non-standard ecommerce data (e.g., FAQs, Recipes, etc.)

The Content Platform will allow merchants to:

  • Define custom data types (e.g. a Recipe)
  • Define multiple custom data inputs (e.g. Ingredient, Method Step, Calories) for each data type
  • Link these custom entities to Products / Collections / etc.

StudioForty9 have signed up for the Content Platform beta so we can be among the first to know and understand how it works and provide early feedback to Shopify.

Making checkout better for merchants and customers

Shopify is working to make checkout easier for merchants and customers. New checkout UI extensions are available to Shopify Plus merchants as of October 3, 2022.

  • In the Shopify admin, merchants can now use the checkout editor to place a checkout UI extension in the checkout experience.
  • Being able to customize the Shopify checkout, including accelerated checkouts such as ShopPay, without having to manually edit the checkout liquid file will provide a more reliable, consistent and more seamless experience for checkout customisation.
  • Merchants can use the extensions to capture additional input from customers and show a product offer before customers check out.
  • The updates are expected to enable Click&Collect using ShopPay or other express payment methods.
  • The updates could present a more seamless and intuitive approach to Customer Loyalty and post purchase offers.

StudioForty9 are leading Shopify experts as the first agency to become a Shopify Plus Partner in Ireland.

Helping you to evolve your ecommerce strategy is at the core of what we do. We understand that businesses need to keep up with the constantly changing world of online retail and we can help you to deliver the best possible online experience for your customers.

We’re proud to be one of a leading Shopify partner and hope that this article has given you a glimpse into what’s coming next for your store.

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