How to use Chat GPT to grow your organic social

Chat GPT and social media

Social media is a fantastic tool that businesses can use to reach larger audiences and leverage brand awareness. But to achieve this you need to provide good content that will capture the interest of your target audience, encourage participation and boost conversions.

We understand that creating a social media strategy that succeeds takes time and resources. ChatGPT is the new tool that has taken the world by storm and it can simplify the content creation for you if you know how to use it right.

Once you figure out the right prompt for your business, this can help save huge amounts of your valuable time and produce high-quality content for your social media, tailored to your target audience. In this article, we will guide you through specific prompts and topics that you can use in ChatGPT, to start benefiting today.

Getting started with ChatGPT

To get started with ChatGPT, sign up for a free OpenAI account.

Once you have logged in, you will see a chat box where you can insert your prompts.

Prompts for Chat GPT for your digital marketing

Social media prompts for Chat GPT

Generate a list of frequently asked questions about your product or service, and then create social media posts that provide answers to those questions.

chat gpt prompt example for social media

Generate a list of tips or best practices for using your product or service, and then create a Facebook/ Instagram carousel post with these tips for your audience. For Example:

social media prompts chat gpt

Generate captions for all social media channels. You can add your brand name, who you want to target, the subject, the call to action etc. Example:

chat gpt prompt for facebook

Generate engaging questions that you can post in forums/ Facebook Groups that will get your audience engaging with your brand.

facebook group prompts chat gpt

Blog prompts for Chat GPT

Idea generation for blog writing. Start by asking Chat GPT to suggest blog titles relating to your topic. Use these captions to inspire long-form, informational content that addresses your audience's questions and drives them toward converting on specific products.

blog prompt chat gpt

More ways you can utilise ChatGPT for your organic social

Most marketing teams have long to do lists where it’s almost impossible to get round to everything. Chat GPT can alleviate some of that burden and give you the resources you need to get started.

  • Brainstorm new content ideas
  • Create hooks and tag lines for your social media and advertising material
  • Think of effective and engaging ‘Call to Actions’
  • Create relevant industry hashtags
  • Develop original social media captions
  • Create scripts for audio and video
  • Prepare a list of questions for live or recorded sessions
  • Write enticing descriptions of your products or services
  • Conduct many types of research for your campaigns and projects
  • Produce headlines and titles
  • Craft promo emails and ad copy for upcoming live streams and social media account take-overs
  • Support your customer service using ChatGPT. You can create various social media-templated responses to the most often-asked queries with the aid of the AI chatbot

Tips for getting the most out of your prompts when using ChatGPT

  1. Be clear and specific. Provide ChatGPT with instructions, context, a specific topic, a brand, the tone of voice, your target audience, etc. The more information you provide, the better the answer will be.
  2. Use simple language. Avoid using complex terminology or jargon that could confuse ChatGPT.
  3. Give examples. This can help ChatGPT to produce content that is exactly in line with what you are looking for.
  4. Include your desired formatting, e.g., write a post for Facebook/ LinkedIn or for a blog post. This will help the AI tool generate content that is optimised for the right platform to optimise performance.
  5. Refine and adjust, do not be afraid to regenerate. Review the results closely to make sure they fit in with your brand. If the ChatGPT response does not match your criteria, then use the ‘regenerate tool’ or rephrase your prompt.

marketing meeting

Things to remember when using Chat GPT

ChatGPT can be an extremely useful aid to your marketing strategy, speeding up many processes and tackling the sometimes difficult step of idea generation. But we must be very careful to never replace the ‘human element’ of content creation with an AI tool.

Quality content

You know your customer best so it’s important to always review the AI content thoroughly, never take its content as fact and always update to include brand personality where necessary. Do keep in mind that multiple other businesses in your industry could have exactly the same idea, resulting in re-churned content and a lack of uniqueness. The tool is a great aid to your team but the best content will have an authentic human element.


Creating unique and optimised content for SEO involves understanding target keywords, competitor analysis, and adhering to search engine guidelines. Using Chat GPT alone for your website content may risk putting yourself in competition with other similar pages who may be using Chat GPT to generate very similar content. While ChatGPT can contribute to content creation, it may not offer the precision and depth required for the nuanced and technical aspects of SEO.

Creating a marketing strategy

Creating a strategy that makes sense for your business is still very much a human activity. Although Chat GPT can assist you in writing up a strategy, your team and marketing agency will be the ones to identify opportunities and bring in innovation.

StudioForty9 facilitates organic social workshops and paid channel strategy and implementation where we share our knowledge and experience gained from working across various businesses to pinpoint the best approaches to take. The collaborative nature of agency-client relationships facilitates creative ideation and innovation that can elevate a social media strategy to new heights.

Optimise your social media strategy

We understand that marketing teams are busy keeping up with all the different facets of their marketing activities and as a result, resourcing specialists across all these different areas is just not possible.

Our Performance Marketing team at StudioForty9 offer the deep sector expertise you need to optimise your performance across each channel.

Talk to us about enhancing your business’ performance across organic and paid content on social media. Contact for more information.

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