Large E-Commerce

Your brand is your greatest asset, the customer experience is key and putting space between yourselves and your competitors is crucial.

With large online stores, great service means helping your customers find the right products, inspiring them to buy and aiding in additional purchases with suggestions of related products. And yet, your site has to do all of this while keeping your products centre-stage and retaining operating efficiencies.

ERP / Accounting / EPOS Integration

Being efficient often means integrating your E-Commerce store with your in-house systems. Contact us to discuss how we can integrate with your accounting package, or read about a recent project where we linked with an in-house ERP.


We've migrated clients from 'open' platforms, such as Magento and proprietary platforms, such as 'Buy4Now'. In each case, we've helped our clients make major leaps towards their ROI targets.


For most large eCommerce projects, we recommend Magento, the world’s most popular E-Commerce platform, known for its robust security and rich level of functionality.


In a recent project with Fota Wildlife Park (read case study), we delivered an EPOS-integrated solution that allows customers to buy tickets from their mobile devices, scan the device at a kiosk and walk into the park.

SME E-Commerce

Getting started in eCommerce often means making the most of limited resources and aiming for simple, robust solutions.

At StudioForty9, we'll build you an online store, but we'll also partner with you to plan, address and avoid obstacles and spot opportunities. Our aim is to keep your costs down and help you become profitable online as quickly as possible.

Building Your Brand

Your website should seamlessly integrate with your existing brand. Whether you are looking for a rich website design to help build your business, or a site design that reduces clutter, we'll bring your ideas to life.

Customer Experience / UX

Your customers' in-store experience is just as important in an online environment as it is offline. At StudioForty9, we've built over 100 different websites, we've learned what works and what doesn't and we'll use our expertise to provide your customers the best shopping experience possible.


For small to medium online shops, we often suggest using WordPress. It's easy to use and gives you almost complete control over the content of your eStore.


Many small businesses need more than a website build. We offer help and expert advice on digital marketing, content writing and Search Engine Optimisation.

Tourism and Leisure

In the leisure industries, a booking engine, events directory or listings engine, which are available from mobile devices, can convert a website from an online brochure into a source of revenue.

At StudioForty9, we have experience in building custom-made engines as well as integrating with industry standard booking engines (such as Gulliver) and in-house systems.

Track Record

From large and complex web user interfaces, such as PlacesToStay and Fota Wildlife Park, to local projects, such as Ring Of Cork, we have developed a wide variety of websites to match our customers' unique needs.

Responsiveness / Mobile-Friendly

Not only does your website need to be mobile optimised, it needs to be geared towards all the devices used by on-the-go customers and load quickly even when signal strength is poor. Call us, and we will be delighted to share with you how we can meet these challenges.

Unique E-Commerce

Not all E-Commerce projects fall into neat categories. At StudioForty9 we love working with innovative clients, and we can help you to build something unique.

If your business needs to accept payments online but doesn'’t involve an online 'shop', come talk to us. We have experience in a variety of payment models, including one-off payments and subscription-based services, that can be used to reach your revenue goals.


Innovators require innovative approaches. We'll spend the time necessary to understand your requirements and present you with solutions before we start building.


We frequently use ExpressionEngine for unique and individual projects. Unlike other Content Management Systems, such as WordPress and Magento, which are designed to manage low depth pages and products respectively, ExpressionEngine is agnostic. It is designed to manage anything, which makes it very versatile.

Track Record

We've built several one-of-a-kind websites, including a Daily Deals site for the Irish Times, which required the development of certain unique features.

  • With StudioForty9 we felt as if we were dealing with experts on our own team who were committed to delivering an exceptional product, rather than an outside agency looking at deadlines and going through the motions.
    James O’SullivanD.I.D Electrical
  • These guys have built some truly innovative websites for my business – and they’ve been there constantly for me over the last 4 years with help on planning, advice and SEO.
    Brendan O'SullivanMyBlinds.ie
  • I have worked with StudioForty9 for many years now. They explain technical ideas clearly and find different options to match the budget. They are approachable and quick to respond, and their results have been fantastic.
    Julia LynesEazyCity
  • As a business development consultant I understand what it takes to build and expand a business and when it comes to the online business sector, this company has what it takes to deliver.
    Billy O'ConnorThe Discovery Partnership